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Posted by DevBae on May 01, 2020 · 1 min read

Knowledge Not Shared Is Knowledge Wasted!

We've been waiting for so long to announce a blog to help you understand technology more simply and easily. In the coming time, you all will be learning whatever we know through our blog posts and tutorials.

What we have in store?

  • Android Tutorials
  • Smart Tech Hacks
  • Knowledge Treasury (Coming Soon)
    A repository of all the useful resources to learn different topics.
  • FOE - Frequently Occuring Errors (Coming Soon)
    A repository to maintain the solutions of all frequently Occuring errors and bugs at one place.
  • Regular updates on the latest technology
  • Tutorials to introduce you to new tech stacks (MEAN, MERN etc.), in the easiest way possible.

We Need You!

Currently, we are only two people, who are managing and writing blogs here but we wholeheartedly welcome others to join and share their knowledge, we'll be happy to post your tech write-ups here. Everyone has important resources bookmarked in their browsers, tell us what they are, and do good to others. Contact us via mail or contribute to our Github repository. You can find our contribution guidelines here.